Our methodology and experience at your service

We carry on our business in three main areas: engineering, maintenance and innovation. We offer specific products and services in each of these areas, as well as tailor-made projects for clients.

We cover all phases of each project working together with our clients: functional study, analysis, definition, design, development, manufacturing, implementation, commissioning and maintenance.

Our working methodology allows us to create an excellent client relationship framework, lending our multi-sector experience and know-how combined with the constant search for innovative solutions.


In DGH we show, through this section, the publications of information about R&D projects in which we are collaborating with national or European organizations.


DGH offers ample expertise in a series of industrial sectors. We work side-by-side with our clients, adjusting to their needs and the specifications of each industry; our experience in each of the sectors that we work in means that we can approach each project specifically and individually.