technology drive

From its beginnings, the innovative mentality of DGH has led it to design, manufacture and commission special industrial facilities with a high technology component satisfying the unresolved automation needs of our clients with traditional solutions available on the market.

One of the outcomes of this way of understanding business, was the creation of the Department of Innovation and Technology which, reporting to the General Management, intends to continue positioning DGH as a differentiated and benchmark company in the sector of automation and integration of industrial processes, in Spain and abroad.


In DGH we show, through this section, the publications of information about R&D projects in which we are collaborating with national or European organizations.


towards innovative solutions

This Department constantly strives to reach the goal of attaining an updated status in respect of all technology available on the global market and of interest for all the production activities in business. This analysis and comprehensive monitoring of the industrial reality easily allows us to pinpoint market niches in a variety of industrial sectors and countries, to offer ground-breaking proposals, furnishing technical and/or economic and competitive advantages to our clients.

As a collaborative environment, DGH works on the creation and maintenance of various Knowledge Networks fostering collaboration among clients, technology suppliers and Technology Centres without ever losing sight of the industrial world and its needs.


cutting-edge techniques at the service of innovation

A special focus of this Department is artificial vision applied to industrial processes. Thanks to a team of specialised technicians and the collaboration of various suppliers of this technology, DGH employs the latest developments for the completion of projects such as inspection systems of OCRs and OCVs, installations for the size analysis of spare parts, surface control analysis…

In the production area, DGH has been a pioneer in the use of 3D vision for the guiding of anthropomorphic robots allowing their use, with high performance levels, in complex solutions for the most demanding manufacturing processes in various industrial sectors.


Among the tasks carried out by this Department, we also find maintaining and fostering communication routes with the various institutions, Technology Centres and official bodies allowing DGH to take part in consortia of framework programmes of CDTI, Horizon 2020, etc. The purpose is enabling our clients to access R&D+i projects providing a competitive advantage in respect of competitors with beneficial financing and funding focusing on the prior completion of industrial prototypes.