Conditions of use of the Website, General Contract Conditions and Data Protection Policy of DGH Robótica, automatización y mantenimiento industrial, S.A. (hereinafter, DGH)

1. Prior Information

DGH, in compliance with the provisions of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, informs Users of the Website, prior to the rendering of the service, on the procedures and obligations to be fulfilled for the effective holding of the contract:

1. The User undertakes to carefully read the contents of these General Contract Conditions, Use of the Website and Data Protection Policy (hereinafter, the Conditions).

2. The User undertakes to enter the personal data and additional information, which is essential for the service to be rendered.

2. Details of the Parties to the Contract

These Conditions are subscribed by:

Party of the First Part, DGH, with registered address at C/Jerónimo Muñoz, 9 47151-Boecillo (Valladolid/Spain) for communication purposes, holder of TAX ID A-47459508, registered with the VALLADOLID Commercial Registry and holder of the domain name

Party of the Second Party, the User, as the party using the Website, in addition to the products, services, contents and/or tools offered via the above, the identity details of which are those provided directly by such user with the inclusion of his/her data to the various forms that the COMPANY places at their disposal to access with or without consideration to any of the services, contents and/or tools offered via the Website, property of the COMPANY. The responsibility for the authenticity of the data provided is directly and exclusively of the User.

3. Purpose and Scope of Application

These Conditions governing the rendering of the services and/or the specific conditions that could be provided, have the purpose of regulating access to services, contents and tools provided by the COMPANY to the User via its Website, and shall be the sole legal framework implementing the relationship between both parties.

4. Acceptance and Availability of the General Conditions of Use of the Website

These Conditions, together with the special conditions that may be provided, regulate the legal relationship arising out of the contracting and/or consultation processes formalised by the User via the website of DGH. The User expressly agrees to the full adherence to without reservations to these clauses in the version published by DGH at the time at which use was made of the tools in which s/he was interested.

By agreeing to these Conditions, the User states the following:

1. That s/he is a legally able person.

2. That s/he has read these Conditions.

DGH may change these clauses whenever there was a cause or sufficient motivation for the above.

DGH may further change these clauses freely when for reasons concerning its activity, it regarded this was appropriate, whenever the User was suitably informed.

5. Conditions of Access to the Website and to the use of the Products and Services

The User undertakes to and warrants the use of the Website in agreement with the provisions provided in these conditions, the provisions set forth under applicable laws, and also morals and standards.

Therefore, the User undertakes to:

1. Not use any of the contents and/or tools placed at his/her disposal by DGH using illegal means or for illegal purposes, or for purposes expressly prohibited in the provisions of, or having effects which could violate or injure rights, interests and assets of DGH or of third parties.

2. Refrain from conducting any activities that could damage, overload, deteriorate or prevent the ordinary activities of the website of the COMPANY, in addition to obtaining the contents provided on the Website using illegal or fraudulent means, or by taking or plagiarising the above, in compliance with the provisions laid down in the Criminal Code and applicable regulations.

3. Not using services, contents and/or tools for illegal purposes, which could be harmful for DGH.

4. Refrain from modifying, copying, distributing, publishing, assigning and/or selling any information or appearance concerning the services, contents and/or tools, provided by DGH via its Website.

In the case where the User caused damage to third parties, due to a use of any information, contents and/or tools provided via the Website, in addition to an undue use of the above, the User expressly releases DGH from any liability that may be attributed to it and undertakes to hold this company harmless.

For these purposes, the User shall undertake liability solely and exclusively arising out of the above. Likewise, the User shall bear the expenses, costs and, where applicable, compensation that could arise from judicial processes caused by the non-compliance with the provisions set forth in these Conditions and in applicable regulations.

DGH, for the purpose of guaranteeing rights, in fulfilment of these Conditions and in respect of laws in force may:

1. Proceed to the supervision of the service via its administrators, respecting in any event secrecy of communications and intimacy of Users.

2. Temporarily interrupting the service with no prior warning and for technical or legal reasons.

3. Changing the information, contents and/or tools, when this was advisable for technical reasons or due to the application of new legal provisions.

4. Changing the information, contents and/or tools comprising the contents of the Website with no need to notify this beforehand, when this was regarded appropriate on grounds of its activity. Furthermore, it reserves the right not to grant access to the services, products, contents and/or tools, with no prior warning, to any User contravening the provisions set forth under these Conditions.

5. Suppressing or withdrawing information, contents and/or tools offered via the Website, when information is detected that could be illegal or merely offensive.

6. Notifying competent bodies acting in the development of their responsibilities on allegedly illicit activities or data which DGH was aware of.

6. Limitation of Liability

DGH endeavours to ensure that information on its website is accurate and up to date. However, errors or omissions cannot be discounted, or changes to information subsequent to the inclusion of the above on the Website, and therefore the User must not deem that information is exact without previously verifying such exactness with DGH or base decisions on any third-party information included on the Website (such as, for instance, information on applicable legislation). No information and/or contents on this Website should be relied on as a statement or indubitable fact. DGH cannot control the use provided by the User to the information or contents offered on the Website and shall, therefore, not be liable for the facts, acts or damage, whether direct or indirect, caused to the User or to third parties that may arise out of or be connected to the use of such information or contents.

The user releases DGH from any liability that may emerge from interruptions of availability, motivated by force majeure events or events outside its control. For these purposes, events outside its control include but are not limited to the following: (i) improper operation of the modem; (ii) improper operation of the computer system of the user; (iii) improper operation of the browsing software; (iv) the existence of viruses; (v) unsuitable operation of the interconnection of telephone and electrical networks, RDSI, and/or any other transport or telecommunications network used by the User.

7. Protection of Personal Data and Electronic Commerce

The access of the User to the website and/or contents or tools via the Website involves the processing of personal data. For DGH it is very important to comply with laws on the protection of personal data and information society services and electronic commerce.

Generally speaking, any persons using the Website do so without having to provide any personal data. However, to access to products, services, contents and/or tools, the User, in certain cases must supply certain personal data. DGH guarantees the confidentiality of personal data provided by the User, according to the provisions set forth in regulations on Personal Data Protection, and on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce.

DGH fulfils the provisions of current laws concerning data protection, having adopted the necessary administrative and technical procedures to guarantee security of personal data compiled.

In this regard, the User is informed of and consents to the inclusion of his/her data in the automated files property of DGH, with registered address at Jerónimo Muñoz, 9, 47151-Boecillo (Valladolid/Spain), for notification purposes, holder of TAX ID A47459508, and holder of the domain, for the automated processing of data or as a consequence of queries made.

Furthermore, the User expressly agrees to allow that his/her personal data are transferred to the Representatives of DGH and/or Authorised Distributors exclusively for the aims provided in the paragraph above, using the method and with the limits provided in the Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data.

The data protection policy of DGH guarantees the User, in any case, the opportunity to exercise rights to access, amendment, cancellation and opposition of data, notifying the above to DGH by sending an email to the electronic mail address

Additionally, and in compliance with Law 34/2002 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, DGH shall exclusively submit communications electronically to your email address or using another equivalent electronic communication method for the users expressly granting their content and those who had supplied DGH their electronic mail address during the process of asking for a quotation or contract, in order to send commercial communications concerning the products or services of DGH, similar to those which were initially the subject of the contract or quotation.

DGH informs the User that s/he may cancel this type of communication, following the instructions at the end of all of our emails or informing the above in writing to the email address

8. Safety: Use of Cookies and Safe environment

In some cases, DGH may use cookies on its Website. The use of the above is done for the purpose of customising your pages on the site. Should you not wish DGH to organise cookies on your browser, you can configure it to reject them or to notify you when the Website attempts to place a cookie in the software of your browser. If you reject the cookies, this may impact the ability to correctly view contents of the website.

9. Hyperlinks

DGH is not responsible for the Web pages linked to this one, and therefore it does not undertake responsibility for the contents of the above. The risks emerging from the browsing of such Websites are exclusively of the User, who shall have regard for the terms, conditions, and legal notices of the above in connection with which, DGH undertakes no responsibility.

10. Intellectual and Industrial Property

DGH is the holder of Intellectual and Industrial Property rights of the elements integrating the design of the page, such as the trademark, trade name or distinctive sign. In particular, by way of example, protection is extensive to the copyright, logos, combinations of colours, the selection and method of presentation, the source code of the Website, the menus, the browsing buttons, the HTML code, the Java applets, the texts, images, graphs, in addition to any other contents of the Website concerning services, contents and/or tools provided by DGH.

The User undertakes to respect intellectual and industrial property rights of the Website and of its contents, and/or tools; therefore, the User shall refrain from copying, reproducing, distributing, making available or publicly communicating the contents of the website, without the express authorisation in writing of DGH and whenever the following conditions are fulfilled:

Amendments of content may not be made unless the User had the prior authorisation in writing of DGH. The contents of the Website may solely be used for information purposes, and use for commercial purposes or for distribution, public communication, transformation or de-compilation is prohibited.

DGH reserves the right to revoke the authorisation to use the contents of its Website, contents and/or tools at any time. In this case, any such use must be interrupted. DGH is not responsible for third-party information beside which part of the contents of its Website had been added.

No image or graph available on the Website of DGH shall be used separately from the remaining images accompanying it or the corresponding text, where applicable.

The contents of DGH’s Website may not be distributed or published together with information fostering:

1. Pornography and/or prostitution.

2. Exploitation of children.

3. Racism.

4. Terrorism.

5. Arms trade.

6. Any other illegal contents.

The names of products on this Website may be registered trademarks of their respective companies.

11. Law and Applicable Jurisdiction

Applicable law and jurisdiction.

In connection with any interpretation or litigation arising, the laws of Spain shall be applicable.

12. Notices

Any notices, requests, petitions and other communications that needed to be made by the parties in connection with these Conditions shall be made in writing and shall be sent by certified mail or registered fax to the address of the counterparty or to their email address.

13. Severability

Should any clause included in these Conditions be declared totally or partially null or void, such invalidity shall solely concern such provision or the part of the above that was null or void, and the Conditions shall remain in force for the remainder.