We know what facilities need

Our goal is creating a series of techniques designed to keep industrial equipment and facilities in service for the longest possible time and seeking the highest Uptime, with the maximum performance.

Our "MISSION": improving competitiveness of our clients through the constant improvement in the industrial maintenance arena: increasing quality, minimising costs, concentrating on core functions, sharing risks linked to market changeability, converting fixed costs into variable costs and optimising the management of internal resources.



The target is to reduce potential errors, preventing any faults at facilities and always ensuring the optimal state of the system and its parts. At DGH, we specialise in the implementation of Preventive Maintenance Systems. To do this, we have our own methodology and capacity for the design, realisation, control and constant optimisation of Maintenance.


It consists of anticipating potential issues that may arise on the basis of data provided by the system, introducing the necessary improvements to guarantee the perfect operation of installations. We have the most advanced systems and our own know how for the implementation of Predictive Maintenance programmes adapted to our clients.


Repairs are completed urgently when a fault or failure of the installation arises, thereby reducing the losses caused to the system. We have over 200 professionals who are experts in the most cutting-edge technology systems available for various production sectors, devoted to minimising downtime and the costs associated to the above.

Measurement and analysis of mean time to resolution (MTTR)
Detection time
Communication time
Waiting time
Fault diagnosis
Gathering tools and means
Gathering repairs and materials
Fault repair
Functional testing
Report drafting

Facility uptime improvement actions
OT system and setting priorities
Plan for constant training and improvement of skills
Deployment of tools and means
Definition of critical spare parts
Communication and report methodology


We redesign and amend the original conditions of the system. In all our services, we implement the philosophy of constant improvement to add value to the processes of our clients in the areas of reliability, maintenance ability, reduction of costs, safety...


This service consists of the Management of Compulsory Legal Maintenance, according to laws on security of industrial equipment and facilities.


We have flexible teams across the national territory to provide 24-hour Maintenance and Technical Assistance services, and therefore satisfy the various needs that the changeability of the market involves for industry.


SLA (Service Level Agreements) Philosophy

This is a protocol whereby a company rendering a service to another commits to complete such service under certain conditions, maintaining and guaranteeing the quality of the service defined with the client.

Via an SLA, we identify and delineate a Client’s needs, at the same time as monitoring their service expectations in relation to the capacity of the provider, and we build a reference point for the process of constant improvement, suitably measuring levels of service, improving the above and increasing the quality indices, KPIs, etc.