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PENELOPE - Closed-loop digital pipeline for a flexible and modular manufacturing of large components.

PENELOPE has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 958303

The project consortium involves thirty-one partners from industrial end users, technology providers and research institutions.

The manufacturing of large-scale parts needs the implementation of a holistic data management and comprehensive automation methodology based on worker-centric tools to achieve the desired levels of precision using modular and more flexible equipment.

PENELOPE aims to develop a novel closed-loop digital pipeline. An end-to-end Digital Manufacturing solution, enabling a bidirectional dataflow for seamless integration across the entire manufacturing value chain.


  1. Close-loop data driven pipeline. Development of a closed-loop data driven pipeline for a Collaborative Product-Service Factories schema capable of addressing the precise manufacturing of large-parts from early design.
  2. Worker-centric tools Enforce worker-centric assisting in the execution of the labour-intensive tasks by preserving industry-specific workers’ knowledge and skills..
  3. Digital architecture. Implement a digital architecture for modular, reconfigurable, scalable, decoupled and distributed production of large-parts.
  4. Real-scale demonstration. Demonstrate PENELOPE approach in real-scale for the manufacturing of large-scale high-precision components (TRL7), fostering results exploitation and enabling EU wide manufacturing adoption.
  5. Zero-defect manufacturing. Establish a zero-defect manufacturing strategy based on online control, distributed quality assurance and Artificial Intelligence.

Manufacturing and repairing of large-scale parts, usually one-of-a-kind components, is a complex and challenging process that requires the implementation of an integrated methodology capable of ensuring the manufacturability, quality and high-precision of the large-parts from the engineering stages –i.e. design, simulation/modelling and production planning—. Europe is leading the manufacturing of complex large-scale components with worldwide and top-class manufacturing companies (e.g. AIRBUS, FOKKER, MV WERFTEN, ENI, ALSTOM).

This solution will be implemented, benchmarked and demonstrated in industrial pilot lines, in four EU strategic sectors, addressing both one-of-a-kind (Oil&Gas, Shipbuilding) and low-volume manufacturing (Aeronautics, Bus&Coach).
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PENELOPE is possible thanks to the collaboration of 31 partners across the European Union. The partners are already a well-integrated pan-European network of RTOs, high-tech companies, industrial integrators and end-users, encompassing a great number of previous R&D initiatives, DIH’s and manufacturing pilot lines. The consortium will use the PENELOPE project to further extend their capabilities, products, services and network, impacting, in the process, thousands of EU manufacturing companies and their sectors.